Rihanna was caught smoking pot. Apparently Rihanna and a group of friends were in the Barbados and decided to partake in some particularly wild behaviors…like smoking pot and destroying rooms. I can see where Rihanna and friends might have a wild streak in them…look at her wild hair!

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More pictures of Rihanna after the inhale…

Rihanna not only was accused of smoking pot, but she supposedly trashed the hotel room as well.

Rihanna was kicked out of an unidentified hotel in her native Barbados last week after she was busted smoking marijuana in her suite.

The singer’s joint puffing set off smoke alarms, causing security to investigate, celeb-gawkers tell the site. Cops weren’t called, but Rihanna has reportedly been banned from the hotel.

Why would you go out and do something stupid like that, especially after fans were still a little leery of supporting Rihanna after the Chris Brown beat down? Rihanna, get it together girl! Do you think Rihanna was smoking?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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