The Situation and Snooki pooh pooh any STD rumors. Yesterday, the creator of the show was caught saying they give out medicine like M & Ms and that the Jersey Shore house was full of STDs. The was news to The Situation.

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More pictures of Snooki and The Situation after the confusion…

Is one of the side effects of Valtrex, memory loss?

Hollyscoop asked The Situation, “Rumor is that the creator was passing out Valtrex,” to which he replied, “Really? I did not even hear that. What set was this? I wasn’t passed out anything. What story was that?”

He added, I think that something was taken out of context. “As far as I know, being one of the main characters on the show, nothing like that happens. Maybe it was something taken out of context.”

Hmmmm…..was it embarrassment or a true denial? Why would the show creator say something like that at a conference, if it weren’t true? The rest of the cast denied ever being given medicine or having an STD too.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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