George Clooney’s girlfriend is wrapped up in a cocaine scandal. Elisabetta Canalis has been reportedly hanging out with the wrong crowd and has just been implicated in a cocaine, hooker scandal that led to five people’s arrest. Ha. Knew she had some skeletons in her closet.

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As the story goes, Canalis was hanging about in a Milan nightclub where cocaine and hookers run rampant. A bunch of people were arrested and one of the prostitutes dropped Elisabetta‘s name.

“Karima, a 26-year-old model from Paris, France testified she lived in Milan for over a year and ended up as a prostitute at one of the nightclubs implicated in the ring, The Club. Karima gave verbal testimony to prosecutor Di Maio on October 21, 2008 stating she had done cocaine with Canalis, 31. That testimony was recently handed over to Judge Giulia Turri. (Clooney did not start dating Canalis until 2009.)”

Apparently at this club, Elisabetta and her celebrity friends were doing cocaine with a bunch of prostitutes. Yeah, I bet you any amount of money (literally) this is how George Clooney met Elisabetta…. just playing!

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