Jennifer Love Hewitt says she can relate to prostitution. J. Love Hewitt is playing a hooker in her latest Lifetime movie special (eye roll!) The Client List and now thinks she understands what drives some women to prostitution. In fact, she even told reporters hooking can be beneficial by giving ladies the sexual attention they need! Well, this is the woman who bedazzles her vay jay jay, so clearly anything goes.

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In fact, she says in these tough economic times it makes sense why some women turn to whoring. She tells Ryan Seacrest:

“Her husband has been injured and out of work; her massage therapy job has been phased out; her kids need braces and their house is about to be foreclosed. So she answers an ad in the paper for a massage therapy position…[but] very quickly, her life sort of goes on a downward spiral, and I think she realizes that there was probably more of the attention she was getting than she needed.”

I don’t know if I buy Jennifer Love Hewitt as a prostitute. Doesn’t she seem to wholesome? What do you think?

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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