Miley Cyrus is ending Hannah Montana. The Hannah Montana franchise made Miley a star…can she find something else worthwhile to continue to make her star shine or is she nearing the end of her road?

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More pictures of Miley after the dim…

Sure, Miley has been in a couple of movies, but they didn’t do so well in the box office. She’s outgrown the tweeners and the adults certainly aren’t embracing her.

“I’ll be 18 this year,” Miley says. “Definitely you do a lot of growing, and that’s hard to do on a show that does have a lot of restrictions as well. Because there are things we want to do that [involve growing up], but then what?

“Once you put them in college, it’s like, ‘Okay. Then Hannah Montana does what?’ So, it’s kind of hard to keep it going when there’s only really so much you can do with the character that can only grow so much,” she continues.

Yea, I’m sure that Disney doesn’t want to film the beer parties, the nudity and the late night scenes that accompany most college freshman. Not really their thing. What do you think is next on the agenda for Miley?

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