Topless photos of Michael Lohan’s fiance, Kate Major surface! Did you see this one coming? Who do you think would leaked a topless picture of Kate?  Ha, great minds think alike…

kate major topless pic

more Kate & Michael circus after the jump…

Kate Major if you have forgotten, worked for the “Star” magazine. Kate claimed she had an affair with Jon Gosselin, yes that Jon Gosselin. Shortly after Jon, she ended up with Jon’s ex BFF, Michael Lohan. Kate, 27 and Michael, 50 even got engaged, well until recently when Kate went to the cops claiming that Michael beat her and threatened to kill her…now of course there won’t be any wedding bells.

Thanks to our friend at, we’ve got Kate plus 2.
Who do you think posted Kate’s topless picture online? I’ll let you answer this question.

photo: Kikster

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