Hilary Duff has a new hair color post honeymoon. And it was a short honeymoon for Hilary and Mike Comrie, who only got married last Saturday. They hopped a flight to Mexico but were back in LA Thursday. Why? I thought they would have been gone for two weeks!

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More pictures of Hilary after the meditation…

Hilary was leaving a yoga studio with darker hair than she had just a week ago. New bride, new look?

Newly-wed Hilary Duff has been spotted with a new hair color. Leaving Byron & Tracey hair salon in Beverly Hills, California on Thursday, August 19, the 22-year-old songstress, who wed ice hockey star Mike Comrie on August 14, dyed her hair to an orange brown color.

So did they even get a honeymoon? Maybe it was cut off by a practice schedule for him, since hockey season isn’t too far away. Do you like Hilary’s new hair color? I think it looks more natural with her skin tone.

Photos: Fame

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