Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin got into a horrible fight while on a camping trip. As reported earlier, Sarah Palin thought having Kate Gosselin make a cameo on her new reality show would be a fantastic way to boost ratings for her new show, “Alaska.” Unfortunately, she and Palin didn’t get along while the two filmed a camping trip segment. In fact, it was a disaster.

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In fact, Kate Gosselin was so steamed she stormed out of the camp site after she and Palin got into a series of arguments.

“According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Palin pleaded with Gosselin to stay, but she stormed off “amid an avalanche of insults, complaints and tears..” It was a nightmare,” a source said.

This isn’t surprising at all. Has reality TV met even one person that Kate Gosselin gets along with? It seems like that woman just brings out the worst in everyone and herself.

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