Anna Wintour doesn’t think very highly of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was tapped to perform this past May at the Vogue Met Ball in New York City, much to Anna Wintour‘s excitement, but the happiness quickly turned to disgust once Wintour learned Lady Gaga was a Grade-A diva.

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more Lady and Anna after the hop…

According to a book, Poker Face: The Rise and Rise of Lady Gaga, Gaga locked herself in a dressing room and refused to come out and perform.

“She [Gaga] sort of had a meltdown before she went on…Anna was really none too pleased with her. Anna wasn’t impressed. She thought that she was just sort of behaving like a childish diva and not the professional who was about to perform for her peers; these incredibly famous designers and celebrities. She sequestered herself in the back room for a good hour. She was an hour late to perform and I also heard that she had been demanding things. And Anna just said no. I don’t think she’s used to hearing that very often. When you’re dealing with two egos like that, it gets interesting.”

Sounds like it. Mud wrestling, Gaga vs. Anna Wintour, we think Nuclear Wintour’s got this one in the bag. Definitely.

Photos: Bauer Griffin

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