Ashton Kutcher’s twin brother, Michael Kutcher is in the news today just like his celebrity brother, Ashton but for a very difference cause. Ashton’s twin brother, Michael is Ashton’s fraternal twin. Do you see much resemblances?

Ashton twin brother

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His twin brother Michael is lobbying for cerebral palsy funding; sadly Michael was born with disorder. He’s using his brother’s celebrity status for a good cause.

Michael said,  ”I realize that, being a public figure, so to speak, due to my family ‘celebrity happenings,’ or however you want to phrase it, people take notice when I speak. So I’m going to use that in my favor and be an advocate.”

Has he seen Ashton lately? “He and Demi just came back to visit last weekend. We tweet each other a lot.”

Would you have guessed that Ashton & Michael are brothers? Leave alone twins?

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