David Beckham’s alleged hooker says he has an unusual penis. Ha! Sometimes I love my job. Today Irma Nici is firing back at Becks calling her and InTouch liars and saying she can prove that she slept with David Beckham.

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more David Beckham after the hop…

How? Well – she can describe his penis for starters.

“Irma stands by her previous statements. Any lawsuit against her is a publicity stunt and without merit. Any attorney who brings an action against her should be prepared to face sanctions and pay all legal costs because they will lose. We are highly confident that Irma can provide enough detail and other forms of proof to persuade a jury that her tryst with David Beckham did indeed take place.

“Mr Beckham had better be prepared to drop his pants in court if he wants to pursue this matter as he has distinguishing characteristics which will prove without a doubt that Irma is telling the truth.

“Mr Beckham’s baseless lawsuit is understandable. After all, he has to tell Posh something.”

Uh oh! Drop it like Beckham! What on earth do you think she’s referring to? Is his penis freakish?

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