Word on the street has it that Jay-Z bought Beyonce an island for her birthday. Beyonce turned 29 (?) -ish, this weekend and some well-places sources say Jay bought his lady love an entire island for the last year of her 20s. Wow and wow. So much for sexy undies and nice meal out, right?

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Keep in mind, this is the same source that SWORE Beyonce was pregnant earlier this year. So, alas, this could all be fan fiction.

But assuming this is real, the source goes on to say the island is 12.5 acres and about 2.5 miles offshore. It’s “tropical paradise” with a hefty price tag of $20 million.

So how is Beyonce going to top that this December when Jay-Z‘s big day rolls around? Seriously. How do you top a private island?

Photos: Fame and Bauer Griffin

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