Jessica Alba naked in Machete! Actually Alba wore some sexy under garments and the producers air brushed them out so she appears to be naked! Is it not the same thing? Probably not.. but yet you could never tell the difference…

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more gorgeous Jessica more or less naked in Machete after the hop…

Jessica told Scarlet magazine back in February that she would never go naked for the cameras, ‘No, I’ll never do a nude scene. I can act sexy and wear sexy clothes but I can’t go naked.’ ‘I think I was always very uncomfortable about the way my body developed, and I remember my grandmother would freak out and throw a towel over me if she saw me wearing just a bra and panties. ‘I come from a very Catholic family so it wasn’t seen as a good thing to flaunt yourself like that. I can handle being sexy with clothes on but not with them off.’

The movie also stars Robert De Niro, Steven Seagal, Lindsay Lohan, Michelle Rodriguez, Don Johnson and Danny Trejo. Would you go see Machete just because of Jessica Alba?

photos: Fame

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