Will Justin Timberlake earn an Oscar in his upcoming movie The Social Network? Word on the street is that JT’s performance as Sean Parker – mastermind behind Napster and then Facebook – is so strong and convincing that he might be able to add another award to his mantle.

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Popeater.com wrote today that they’re getting behind Justin Timberlake as and Oscar contender…no matter that the movie hasn’t even been released yet.

“The combination of Fincher’s stellar direction, Aaron Sorkin’s powerhouse script and epic performances by Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and, most importantly, Justin Timberlake make it a lock for a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. No, that wasn’t a typo. This is the performance of Timberlake’s brief career as an actor, and it couldn’t have come with a more game-changing movie.”

Huh? Timberlake must have one hell of a publicist. Honestly. Otherwise, we’re all going to be sorely disappointed if the movie is released and is a complete flop. Here’s hoping.

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