Brandy admitted to the world that she hasn’t had sex in years. Brandy was a big time pop star back in the 90s and also quite the sex symbol. However, in stark contrast to her baby brother Ray J (Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape buddy) she doesn’t like to go all the way unless she’s in a committed relationship.


In fact, it’s been years since the singer has gotten laid. Yikes!

“I haven’t been with a man seriously and in love in six years,” says Brandy, 31. “And, honestly, I tend to abstain if I’m not in a relationship.” So has she been celibate for six years? “Um, no. But it’s been a long time. We’re talking years. I always relate sexy to being in love,” she says. “But I’m starting to realize that if I put on a little leotard like when I danced the rumba, I could feel sexy a lot more!”

Hm, well, whatever works for her, but let’s just hope Brandy “falls in love” soon! Very soon!

Photos: Fame

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