Daniel Radcliffe will get to mock Robert Pattinson on the Halloween Simpson’s. Daniel is mimicking the character Robert plays on Twilight, in a Simpson version called Tweenlight. Cute.

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The Simpson’s Halloween episode has been huge for years. This year, it actually gets to air on Halloween! From Buddy TV:

In the episode titled “Tweenlight,” Lisa becomes smitten with a new mysterious, pale, brooding student, Edmund (get it, not Edward). Edmund (voiced by another pop culture phenomenon: Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe) has a dark reason for his appeal, he’s a vampire. Lisa falls for Edmund and the pair run away together to “Dracula-la Land” (I don’t get the reference). Homer sets off to rescue Lisa before she gives in to Edmunds charms completely and turns into a vampire herself.

I wonder if Robert and Kristen Stewart will watch the spoof of their wildly popular movies. Probably not. Are you going to be watching the Simpson’s spoof?

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