Where is the great singing career that Brooke Hogan promised the world one year ago? Heck, where is Brooke for that matter. She practically disappeared from view after her parent’s went wild with a divorce and dating people as young as their children.

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I guess maybe I’d hide if I was Brooke too, when you are about the same age as your step-mom and two years older than your step-dad. Ewww. From Gather:

Hulk Hogan is getting married “ASAP” after he gets home and heals. He admits that his fiance, Jennifer McDaniel, is his source of strength, and reason for coming back to the “good side” from the “dark side”.

“Now that I’ve had a close encounter with the other side, I’m going to move this wedding up. I want to get married to Jennifer right away. It’s true. I was so far on the other side with all that negative energy… I’m all the way back to the good side. (I want to get) married immediately, ” said Hulk Hogan about getting married.

Well, I guess at least this one is past 30, so she isn’t too terribly young. Like Brooke’s mother’s fiance, who is a lot younger. Brooke is laying low and doing…who knows. She hasn’t been out touring and she isn’t posing. Have you seen Brooke?

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