Rihanna might be giving up her fur clothing. Last night, at a book signing event in New York, a fan asked Rihanna if she would consider giving up wearing her furs and other animal skinned clothing. Guess what the singer replied?

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Rihanna said she would consider it. Peta is all over the comment this morning, saying that they would even remove Rihanna from their worst dressed list if she did so. From Radar Online:

During a book signing on Wednesday, a fan went up to the singer and asked if she would ever consider going fur-free. To the fan’s delight, Rihanna replied, “I will.” Watch the video to see their interaction!

When asked about Rihanna’s statement, PETA said that while “only time will tell if Rihanna is being sincere,” the singer “may escape the dishonor [of being on their worst dressed list] this year.”

However, the group added they would be “keeping an eagle eye on what she wears.”

So, do you think the comment was just an “I will” to shut up the fan and keep the line moving? Do you think Rihanna will give up her furs?

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