Rihanna didn’t show up for Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding in India. Katy and Rihanna were supposed to be new BFFs, but then Rihanna kind of dissed Katy’s music. Maybe work was a convenient excuse to not go?

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Katy and Russell got married in India in a small ceremony.  They said only family and close friends were invited…so what happened? From the Celebrity Cafe:

Saturday, Katy Perry and Russell Brand tied the knot in a Hindu traditional wedding in India. One person was missing from among the 80 or more guests, Katy’s BFF, Rihanna.

According to TMZ, sources at the wedding said that Rihanna wasn’t in attendance.

RiRi was part of Katy’s bachelorette party in Las Vegas where she told Katy that she wouldn’t be in attendance because she had to be in the studio.

Sources insist that Katy understood why Rihanna couldn’t be in India.

I think it’s a flimsy excuse. How many times can you jet around the world for a day to hit the beach, but not your friend’s wedding that you have known about for months? Why do you think she missed it?

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