Anne Hathaway opened up to the December issue of Vogue UK about how she wasn’t one of the popular girls in high school. The 27-year-old star has her 10 year high school reunion approaching this year and is eager to attend and show off all her success. Oh, man – can you imagine Anne Hathaway at your high school reunion?

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She tells the magazine:

“The timing has worked out pretty much in my favor, hasn’t it?!” she laughed. “I was so invisible in high school. I don’t think I was unpopular because I don’t think I registered enough to matter. I was really interested in the arts and that was kind of my passion so if anybody knew who I was that was what they knew me for. It will be nice to go back. I’m curious to see how everybody is doing.”

What do you think? Was Anne really invisible or is she doing that Hollywood celebrity “I was ugly and unpopular in high school!” thing?

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