Courteney Cox and co-star Brian Van Holt, the man who her estranged husband David Arquette accused her of having an ‘emotional affair’ with.. are getting closer.. that’s on the set of “Cougar Town.”

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Despite her ex’ accusations, the two were spotted on the set joking and laughing together as they filmed their show. Seriously does it matter when he (David) had openly admitted to have bedded different women during their separation?

What is worse?¬†Physically bedding someone or just¬†emotionally involved? What’s emotional affair anyway? Tempted but no-action?

Would you consider emotional affair as being the same as cheating in a relationship? I guess no one is cheating here as they are both separated.

Do you think Courteney should just fall for Brian instead? Then again there is this prenup.. I mean no prenuptial agreement between Courteney and David.. Sticky..

photos: Fame

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