Demi Moore turned 48 and what a beautiful woman she is? It’s easy to look terrific in your 20s or even in your early 30s but looking as hot as Demi at nearly 50? I say hats off people.

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Happy birthday Demi! The gorgeous mother of three and her hubby, Ashton Kutcher have been riding through some unwanted rumors of Ashton, 32, cheating on her. The duo flew to Israel shortly after all the cheating rumors surfaced. Did they getaway to rekindle their romance? No idea but they sure look happy together.

One of the alleged mistresses came forward and said Kutcher told her that Ashton and wife Demi shared an open marriage and regularly had threesomes. Now this is beyond my comprehension. Don’t believe everything you read though.

Anyway, we hope to see Demi happy and truly you look absolutely amazing! That’s definitely something to be happy about! Happy birthday Demi!

Ps: I can’t see this woman looking bad even at 80, can you?

photos: Fame

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