Halle Berry would like to pop out another baby, but this time with Olivier Martinez. The 44-year-old actress worries that she’s running out time and those close to her say she’s pressuring Martinez to pony up some sperm to provide her with one last kid.

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Geez – talk about rushing through the relationship steps! Halle and Olivier officially got together in September, so while they should just be discussing things like exclusivity, Halle Berry is secretly charting when she’s ovulating.

On the downside, having another child may hold her back career-wise, with Nahla it hasn’t been an issue seeing as she can tote the toddler along with her to exotic locales.

“You make time for what’s important. She’s not yet three, so I take her with me. Once she’s five or six, and in school, I’ll have to make a change.”

Do you think Halle Berry will get pregnant again?

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