Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2010! Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio lead the international cast of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The gorgeous angels from all over the world walk the Lexington Armoury in midtown Manhattan.

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As the Toronto Sun reports, they don’t skimp on security measures.

“It’s like we’re walking into NASA,” said the cameraman. We’d been sniffed by guard dogs and eyed by U.S. soldiers before being allowed in.

The fact that 29-year-old Brazilian model Adriana Lima is wearing a bra encrusted with 60 carats worth of diamonds and 82 carats of topazes and sapphires valued at $2 million – hello, recession? – goes a little way to explaining the troops.

It’s the 15th edition of VC Fashow Show which pulls in 11 million viewers each year! One word to describe it “glamorous.”  The show will air November 30 on CBS and in 185 other countries.

Don’t forget to tune into a night filled with angels! Also a time to feel inspired and get our bodies in top shape? Right before we dig into our stuffing filled turkeys and pumpkin pies!

photos: Fame

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