Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis and Balu, the French Bulldog stuck together for the London premiere of their new film “Due Date.”

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Balu is a cone-head, he somewhat got injured during the movie and had to go to the hospital for treatment!

Robert Downey Jr is somewhat a douchebag in the movie who’s flying back to his pregnant wife who’s due date is only days away; and Zach, believe it or not is an aspiring actor ha who’s the master of Balu. Somehow their paths crossed and they had to do a cross country road trip together! I tell you anything with Robert Downey Jr has to be good.

Isn’t Balu ever-so cute? I have a Westie and in real life, he has a cone over his head because he just got fixed.. oops! These cone-heads are soooo cute!


photos: Fame

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