Further proof that Chelsea Handler plans to ride this 50 cent romance rumor as far as it will go, the comedian tweeted a picture of her and the rapper in bed together this morning. Oh, sigh! Is Chelsea Handler getting on anyone else’s nerves lately? First that whole dated Angelina Jolie rant and now this?

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News first surfaced that Handler and 50 cent (Curtis Jackson, if you’re nasty) might be doing the deed when they were spotted hanging out in New Orleans. Handler shot down the rumors saying she and Fiddy were just friends and possibly working on a movie together.

Apparently, she’d like us all to write and speculate about this again (guilty as charged!). Under the pictures, she wrote: “I don’t know why anyone thinks I would ever date a rapper.”

Well, at least 50 Cent thinks she’s funny…

Photos: Fame, Twitter

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