The Latest Hollywood Gossip Weekly Roundup for Dec 19 – 25, 2010; where we recap the craziness in the celebrity world, entertainment news and gossip. Some of this week’s highlights: LiLo is in trouble again but it looks like she’s got herself a jail free pass! Is Paris Hilton pregnant? Find out where the stars are ringing in the New Year! And a whole lot more…

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Zac Efron has a military shaved head! Hit or miss?

New Miley Cyrus racy pictures leaked!

Ozzy Osbourne is sick of Lady Gaga and thinks she should disappear for a while!

Find out where are the stars ringing in the new year!

Dr. Drew predicts an epic Brangelina split

Bret Michaels proposed to her 16-year on-off girlfriend Kristi Gibson on cable TV!

Lindsay Lohan may be charged with assault! And now there is a dramatic turn, she won’t be heading to jail

Lady Gaga got a FREE breast examination from a fan

What SNL digital short of Blake Lively and Jessica Alba “Just Had Sex”.. too funny!

Shania Twain is engaged but the story has a twist to it.

Is Paris Hilton pregnant?

Paris Hilton’s revealing Christmas card

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