Josh Duhamel has apologized for refusing to turn off his blackberry last week, and in turn getting kicked off a plane. A story that sounds so outrageously diva-ish that its made me rethink my lust for Duhamel, alas, the actor admits that he should have listend to the staff and, indeed, turned his blackberry off.

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His manager made the media rounds this weekend saying he was texting flight delay information to his management team (how long could that possibly take?) and was escorted off when he refused to put the phone away. This weekend at an awards event, he told Access Hollywood that getting booted from the plane was not his “favorite moment” and that it’s a “lesson learned” kind of a situation.

“I learned that it’s always best to turn them off,” he said.

Oh, SIGH. It’s taken him all of 38 years to learn this valuable truism in life?

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