Justin Bieber’s haircut before and after pictures. Justin bieber’s haircut is topping Google Trends. His fans are thinking Justin had a new hairstyle on Friday when he appeared at a New York City’s Barnes and Noble to promote his book ‘First Step 2 Forever.’ I think he looked even cuter without his trademark bowl cut.

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Truth is he didn’t cut his hair. Justin’s slightly parted hairdo looked like a new haircut but Justin’s manager quickly dispelled the rumors.

“He brushes his hair in the opposite direction and the whole world thinks he has a hair cut,” Scooter Braun tweeted. “No haircut. Just needs to shake his head.”

Ok, no haircut as you can see pictures of him taken just yesterday with a grey leather jacket on; taken in Madrid where he received a gold disc for his album “My World The Collection,” his bowl cut is still in force.

Are you a big fan of Justin?

photos: Fame

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