Male celebrities who have aged so very gracefully! We recently posted female stars who have defied the aging process so now let’s look at our still pretty hot men in their 50s!

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Simon Cowell, 51, the former American Idol judge looks pretty darn good for 51. You might not know that Simon, one of the most eligible bachelors in Tinseltown (that’s changing since he’s marrying his make-up artist gf, Mezhgan Hussainy), is very vain when it comes to his looks. He shaves his chest hair because it’s gone grey & Cowell has confessed to getting regular Botox injections to keep him looking this youthful! Hey if it works why not?

Denzel Washington, the charismatic actor will turn 56 on the 28th of December. Can you believe that? Denzel’s a rare gem in Tinseltown, he’s been married to the same woman, Pauletta Pearson for 23 years, whom he met on the set of his first screen work. The couple have four children together.

Pierce Brosnan, 57, the former 007 agent doesn’t look too shabby for a 57-year-0ld man, does he? I used to have my hots for Pierce when he first starred as James Bond.. so charismatic!

Dennis Quaid, 56, the Texas native has always been known for his good looks even today Dennis has aged very well. Wouldn’t you still consider him as a matured good looking man?

Hugh Grant, 50, the chick flick king has long been known to capture women’s hearts. He does not need any help in the department of good looking but looks like Hugh has yet to meet his match! Any help from our ladies?

Sean Penn, 50, the two-time Oscar winner, once married to Madonna has aged well. He looks better now than he did in his younger years. Some people look better with age, don’t you agree?

Colin Firth, the 50-year-old Bridget Jone’s Diary actor still has his baby face, doesn’t he? Another rare breed in Hollywood; he’s been married to his wife, Italian director Livia Giuggioli for the last 13 years! They have two sons together.

David Duchovny, 50, the X- Files, FBI Special agent Fox Mulder was once named People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1996. Did you know David graduated from Yale university? He got his Master of Arts and also in English Literature from Yale!

Bono, 50, the lead singer of U2, besides earning himself numerous awards and nominations including being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize award, Bono really should be included in the Guinness Book of World Records. He started dating his wife, Ali Hewson in 1975 when they were both attending the same school in Ireland and has been married to Ali since 1982. So you can see not all marriages end in divorces even in La La Land.

Kevin Costner, 55, the tall, often tanned Academy Award actor just became a daddy again this year, Costner is a father of seven kids. At 55, he’s still very handsome, isn’t he?

Who’s your pick for the best looking man over 50?

photos: Fame

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