The most outrageous celebrity outfit of 2010! Who reigns? Mini Mani Mo.. Abracadabra! We see outrageous outfits throughout the years! The Ke$ha, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and all but who really has the most outrageous outfit of the year?

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If I were to pick one celebrity, one outfit, one event. I would say Lady Gaga at the MTV Video Music Award back in September where Gaga in her final outfit decided to put on raw meat from her head down to her toe. It was.. nothing less than jaw dropping!

Did I like it? I thought it was tooooo crazy! That’s Gaga, she was trying to make a statement!

Could you come up with anything more outrageous than Gaga’s meat outfit? I’m sorry, this gotta be IT! That’s not just the most outrageous celebrity outfit of 2010, it’s the most outrageous outfit ever.. at least I can’t come up with anything as crazy as this one, can you?

Along with lots of Gaga in her meat outfit, I’ve uploade other outrageous Gaga outfits throughout 2010 although they aren’t quite as outrageous as her meat one! Enjoy!

photos: Fame

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