Is Paris Hilton swapping her Pink Bentley for a Rolls Royce? Paris stops by at her luxury Bentley car dealership in Beverly Hills on Monday, December 6, 2010 where it appeared that Paris was doing the unthinkable, trading her custom made Pepto Pismol pink Bentley for a much more conservative black Rolls Royce –a $300,000 Ghost.

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Paris hasn’t purchased the Rolls yet but she’s seriously considering it. Is Paris trying to look more tame in time for her new reality show? After a lengthy test drive, the 29-year old hotel heiress took the black Rolls from the Bentley dealership.

“Paris took home a black Rolls-Royce Ghost to see if she wants to buy it. She hasn’t made a decision yet, but she was overheard gushing about the car.”

Insiders at the Beverly Hills Bently dealership told Radar Online they’d love to have Paris rolling in their newest Rolls-Royce.

“They said that they sell tons of Bentley’s every week from wealthy people around the world that request the same model the heiress has,” the source said.

“It’s always, ‘I want the Bentley Paris has.’ We’re hoping her driving the new Ghost will have the same effect.”

The Rolls-Royce appears to be a different color, but the same model that Kim Kardashian bought in September.

Don’t you just love her Pepto Pismol pink Bentley though? Then again Paris is probably keeping her Pink Bentley even if she decided to get the “Ghost.”

photos: Fame

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