Tim Burton and his longtime partner Helena Bonham Carter DON’T sleep in the same bedroom at night.. In fact they live in neighboring houses with connecting doors! 

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Tim, the director of Alice in Wonderland and Helena really don’t sleep in the same bed together as his longtime girlfriend of nine-year has confirmed the rumor is true!

Helena, 44, says the reason why they don’t sleep in the same bedroom is because the director snores very loudly at night!

Tim does snore, and that’s an element. We’ve tried lots of remedies that don’t work. He has a deviated septum and doesn’t want an operation,” said Helena, who played the evil Red Queen in the hit ‘Alice in Wonderland’ directed by Burton.

“We see as much of each other as any couple, but our relationship is enhanced by knowing we have our personal space to retreat to. It’s not enforced intimacy. It’s chosen, which is quite flattering, if you can afford it.” The couple live in Hampstead, North London with their two children Billy Ray, seven, Nell, three.

Ha whatever works!

photos: Fame

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