Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are thinking about getting back together? No way!!! But that’s what Brooke’s mother is saying.

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“They are talking about it constantly and Brooke has been saying that she and Charlie are trying to get back together,” Moira Fiore, Brooke’s mother is saying. “She seems ready to give it another try; Charlie’s been telling her that things have not gone well for him is because they broke up.”

But according to E! and our thinking as well that this doesn’t seem to be totally true.

A Mueller family source tells E! Online┬áthat “Charlie and Brooke talk and I think everything is still friendly between them, but I’m sure it’s for the sake of the boys. They are not together as far as I know. Moira’s comments were taken out of context.”

Do you see Charlie and Brooke getting back together any time soon? Methinks at least not till he leaves his Vegas antics behind.

photos: Fame

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