Miley Cyrus is almost done with Hannah Montana! This Sunday marks the finale of the Disney hit show “Hannah Montana Forever” which shot Cyrus to fame four years ago as a young teen.

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Will Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana go to Hollywood or to college?

The newly released promo for “Kiss It All Goodbye” claims that Miley Stewart will make “the biggest decision ever” — whether to go to college or make a movie.”

Miley is not interested in doing any movies,” her dad (Miley’s real-life father, Billy Ray) says in the promo, which doesn’t seem to sit well with Stewart, though the clip does not reveal whether she obeys her father or follows her dream.

“I’m moving on, letting go,” Miley sings on the soundtrack.

Do you think Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana chooses to go to college or to make a movie? I say the latter!

Don’t forget to catch Miley Cyrus in the finale of Hannah Motana Forever this Sunday!

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