Kim Kardashian to star in Super Bowl Commercial! Skechers just announced that the reality TV starlet will be featured in its Super Bowl spot. Get this, it’s 3 million bucks for a-30-second spot. Hats off to Kim!

kim kardashian super bowl ad

“It’s a very provocative ad,” says Kardashian, in a phone interview, “I break someone’s heart — again.”

Of course it’s provocative otherwise why would they employ Kim?

In the case of Kardashian, advertising industry consultant Allison Cohen says, it’s a signal of how pop culture and the Super Bowl are now intersecting at an unlikely crossroads. “Trash culture has become so mainstream,” she says. “It’s even mainstream enough for the Super Bowl.”

The Feb. 6 game on Fox sold out all ad slots in October. It’s the first Super Bowl in years to sell out all available ad spot so early.

Selecting Kardashian was a no-brainer, says Leonard Armato, president of Skechers Fitness Group.

“The Kardashians and Kim are defining pop culture and media today,” Armato says.

The ad features Kim Kardashian involved in yet another breakup as she trains. “There was a lot of sweat making this ad,” says Kardashian. “It gets a little slippery.”

Several more high-profile female celebs are expected to be tapped for Super Bowl ad stardom over the next few weeks including country music icon, Faith Hill for Teleflora; gorgeous race-car driver, Danica Patrick and fitness guru Jillian Michaels for Go Daddy.

Bravo Kim! She’s meeting the President next? Or better yet performing the National Anthem for the next Super Bowl. There’s no stopping Kim, is it?

Don’t go anywhere on Feb. 6 even if you’re not a football fan. You’ve got to at least catch the commercials and watch Kim doing her break up thing in the Skechers’ commercial! It’s 3 million per a 30-second spot, she’s got to be worth it.

photos: Fame; Skechers

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