Kim Kardashian tweeted this ever-so sexy photo of hers on Twitter earlier. It seems like it’s for a photo shoot for a jeweler: Jason of Beverly Hills.

Kim Kardashian tweet sexy picture

Kim tweets: Photo shoot time! @JasonofBH jewels and red lips! #2sexy2tweet?

Is it too sexy to tweet? Nay.. not coming from Kim. Boy, we see Kim everywhere, dont’ we? The reality TV star is set to be featured on Skechers’ Super Bowl commercial. Did you know the Super Bowl ad spots are the most expensive spots on TV? They cost about 3 million bucks for a 30-second slot. Now that tells you how popular is our most beloved reality TV star.

I’ve uploaded got some pictures of Kim sans make up and there are plently more here as Kim goes all natural to the gym.  I think she looks quite refreshing for a change, don’t you?

photos: Twitter; Fame

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