Ricky Gervais refuses to apologize for his Golden Globes rant and rave. The media has made much ado about Ricky Gervais‘ biting opening speech on last week’s Golden Globes. Ricky threw darts at everyone from Tom Cruise to Angelina Jolie to Hugh Hefner. Perhaps it was a bit out of place, but the jokes themselves weren’t too scathing.

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Anyway, Gervais is not apologizing. When asked how he feels about the backlash he told reporters:

“I’m not sorry for anything I said, because I’m not going to apologize for being true to myself,” Gervais said. “I don’t care what people think of me. I care if I’ve done a good job, and I care if I’ve told the truth.”

Bravo! We have freedom of speech for a reason, right. Carry on, Ricky!

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