How tall is Bruno Mars? Bruno Mars who’s up for 7 Grammy nominations, second to Eminem who leads the Grammy 2011 nominations with 10 nods. What is his height? As a lot of readers have asked me through emails so let’s find out.

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Personally Bruno is MY FAVORITE artist. I literally have a song list of just Bruno’s songs on my iPod and iPhone.  How tall is Bruno Mars? I have had readers sending in emails asking me so let’s address his height right here before the Grammy. Bruno is probably around 5 feet 5, he’s not the tallest.

Bruno told NY Daily, “In my mind, I’m 6-3. But I’m 5-5. Do me a favor: Say I’m 5-6.”

Bruno Mars is his stage name, his birth name is Peter Gene Hernandez. Bruno, 25, was raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, he began making music as a kid since he was raised by a family of musicians. His father is Puerto Rican and his mother is a Filipino descent. He moved to Los Angeles after finishing high school to pursue his musical career.

A lot of us only came to know Bruno during the past year but well before his own album, he’s done a lot of song writing for famous musicians.

Don’t forget to catch Bruno on this coming Sunday’s Grammy Awards! Are you one of Bruno’s fans like me? Now that we have addressed his height, I wonder how many hats does he own?

photos: WENN

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