Crystal Harris is planning a June wedding to Hugh Hefner. It was rumored that Hugh wouldn’t let the wedding take place very quickly, if ever at all. It seems that he didn’t mention this to Crystal, who has things well under way. She is planning to have a low key, romantic wedding in June.


When the engagement came out, people were surprised. But then told a wedding probably would not happen soon. I think June is pretty soon for a wedding that the groom was supposed to be reluctant about!

Harris recently shot a second Playboy spread. “It’s kind of just a romantic, roaming-around-the-mansion type thing.” It will be published this June, which is also when the wedding will take place.

A Playboy spread and a wedding. Interesting combination, don’t ya think? Do you think Crystal is just looking ahead to her future and getting the PR she can for free now, or is she just doing the magazine for Hef?

Photos via WENN

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