The Glee cast apparently ran in to Lindsay Lohan at a restaurant and apologized. Remember the episode where they made a little bit of fun of Lindsay and her multiple stays in rehab? It seems the cast felt bad and told her how they felt.


Lindsay seemed to be a good sport about it and forgave them – at least those that were present. Lea Michele and Jane Lynch were absent, but the rest of the main characters were there.

The cast said that they did not mean to hurt her feelings and Lohan reportedly accepted their apology and everyone parted ways.

In the episode, in which Gwyneth Paltrow guest starred in ‘Glee,’ her character, Spanish teacher Holly Holiday, referenced the actress in a lesson, asking, “Lindsay Lohan is totally crazy, right?”

Her character then asked her students in Spanish, “How many times has Lindsay Lohan been to rehab?”

Apparently Lohan saw the show and wasn’t too happy. Lindsay’s mom Dina Lohan revealed, “Lindsay was watching it while in Betty Ford, then she called me and was upset and said, ‘Why did she have to do that? Lindsay is so upset with Gwyneth.”

I can see where Lindsay would be upset. She does seem to be making an earnest effort to stay clean this time. Good luck Lindsay!

Photos via WENN

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