Papa Joe Simpson is happy that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz have split. After announcing their separation last week, insiders say Joe Simpson is doing everything in his power to make sure Pete and Ashlee don’t reconcile – the same thing he did when Jessica and Nick divorced.

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Interesting for a former Baptist preacher, right?

“Joe is doing nothing to encourage Ashlee to give the marriage another try, if only for the sake of her son. Joe likes being the only man in his daughters’ lives and is happy that Ashlee has moved back into his home [in Encino, Calif.], just like Jessica did after she announced she was leaving Nick….Joe got rid of Nick, and now he is saying goodbye to Pete. Let’s hope Ashlee finds more happiness than Jessica did when she finds herself officially single again.”

I don’t know – this sounds really twisted. Almost too twisted and contrived. But then again – he is their dad/manager, so he may have major control issues with his daughters.

What do you think?

Photos: WENN

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