Rachael Ray has agreed to wear a skimpy Dancing With the Stars dress. Does this mean Rachael is on her way to being one of the next contestants on the show? Maybe. Maybe not. But it does mean she is checking something else off on her to-do list for 2011.


Rachael made a vow to do things that were a little frightening to her. She waned to explore a bit more this year. And a dress is exploring?

DWTS designer Christensen brought up the idea. Ray’s staff pitched the idea to her after Ray – a huge fan of DWTS – said that she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of the reality show’s revealing outfits. Ray decided to take on the challenge because her 2011 New Year’s resolution is to try to do more things that frighten her.

“She was totally nervous,” says Christensen, who created the dress especially for Ray. “I’m so impressed she manned up and took the challenge.”

I bet the dress really isn’t that skimpy…after all, it’s morning TV! But I think this gives Rachael a leg up for the next batch of contestants. Have they had a cooking show host on yet?

Photos via WENN

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