Snooki’s got a new hairdo! Not exactly the style but the color. Nicole Polizzi as she’d preferred to be called these days but I’m afraid most people still know her by Snooki; she posted this picture of hers earlier on

snooki new hair color

Nicole tweeted yesterday: Got some new colors in the hair :)

And today Nicole says she’ll be meeting her personal trainer to do some hardcore workout.

Meeting, intense training session, photo shoot, then ending my day cuddled up with my man ♡​ Hope everyone has a fun filled day =)

On her Twitter profile she describes herself as reality star,author, business woman, boss lady

I can see why people love reality TV shows, like Snooki, she’s genuinely having a ball in life, carefree even though you might not dig her lifestyle but admit it, it’s kind of fun to be this carefree ha? That’s why you watch Jersey Shore.. so busted! And on top of that she makes tons of money and loving what she does!

What do you think of Nicole’s new hair color? Love it or not?

Besides Snooki’s new hairdo picture, I’ve also added some pics from Season 3 Episode 5 Drunk Punch Love: Ronnie and JWoww make amends, which sends Sammi over the edge. Meanwhile, The Situation uncovers Deena’s dirty little secret; and Vinny goes out with a girl who has an overbearing family. How interesting!

photos via WENN; Plixi

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