Pittsburg Steelers’ Troy Polamalu’s video “Put Pride Aside;” Troy named the best NFL defensive player of the year is a very devoted Christian. Troy has been a Christian since college and in the following video “Put Pride Aside,” he talks about his struggle with pride, his devotion to God, how constant prayers keep him rooted.

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“I try to be passionate about every aspect of my life,” Troy said, “how I love my wife, how I serve my wife, how I serve God. In the same way I try to be passionate about football. I try to serve my coaches with passion. I try to serve my teammates with passion. I try to serve God, through football, with passion.”

“Pride is tough. You go to high school and its pride, courage; it’s all these types of words that we use to motivate us,” Troy said. “I don’t think there’s anywhere in the Scriptures through the saints lives where pride was ever a positive characteristic of anybody. That kind of egotism is a really tough struggle, especially in this business and this entertainment business that we have. It’s a big struggle of mine.”

“It’s like the big things that are the easiest to turn away from,” Troy said. “It’s like the accumulation of small things [that are hard]. You know, people know adultery’s bad and murder’s bad. I’m not going to go out and sleep with the first girl I see. But when your eyes start wandering, and your eyes start wandering a little bit more, and your eyes start becoming a little more jealous and envious, and these passions start rising up inside of you – that’s when it gets really dangerous. Because the devil doesn’t work that way. His strategy’s always to be very subtle and continue to build on top of that evil seed that he planted.”

Troy says prayers keep him rooted.

“Prayer is a foundation. It’s your communication with God. It’s constant prayer – constant, constant, constant prayer,” Troy said. “As you prayer life becomes more and more fine tuned and your conscience becomes more and more fine tuned, you’re able to start plucking away at these things; like, ‘Wow, you know, this is not good.’ I think that’s a struggle of every Christian, to be able to get to that point where they’re in constant prayer with God – so that everything they do, in thought, in speech, in work, is praising God and worshipping God.”

“I don’t love the sport in general. I don’t wake up every day and say, ‘Yeah football – contact time!’ No, I don’t. I love the atmosphere football brings, I love being around my teammates, I love the struggle in football,” Troy said. “I love the fact that it is a part of my life. I don’t look at it as any more important or less important as any other part of my life. But, the fact that God has brought me here and has made this a part of my life, I do love that about football.” 

This is Troy’s seventh season with the Steelers, he was named the best defensive player of  NFL. Good luck Troy. Who do you think will win?

Troy Polamalu in a Coke Super Bowl ad parodying the famous ‘Mean’ Joe Green Coca-Cola commercial.

photos: WENN

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