Valerie Bertinelli and her husband love to walk around naked! Newlywed Valerie Bertinelli opens up about her life with new husband Tom, how he proposed, the snack that keeps her weight on track and much more in Good Housekeeping’s March issue.

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Valerie Bertinelli: “Tom and I like being able to walk around naked”

Being Naked with Tom:

“I like it when they’re here [their kids from their previous marriages], but Tom and I also like being able to walk around naked, and you can’t do that when the kids are in the house.”

#1 Marriage Rule – No Cheating:

“My position is, if you ever think you’re going to start looking outside, we need to talk. Because either it’s going to be over right then, or we’re going to work on it so you don’t feel the need to look elsewhere.”

Lessons from Previous Marriages:

Tom’s ex-wife left him for another man, and I failed at my previous marriage – I did terrible things, as Ed did. We both have been through that kind of pain, and we’re never going to do that or have that done to us again. I need to be beyond that as a human being and as a partner.”

Ed: that’s Eddie Van Halen, her ex-husband. Yes I’d love to walk around naked too if I could lose a few chubby pounds LOL.

Good Housekeeping’s March issue hits stands on February 15th.

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