Charlie’s ex Brooke Mueller alleged Charlie said, “I will cut your head off, put it in a box and send it to your mom” as she submitted a declaration to the judge who temporarily stripped of Charlie’s custody of his twin sons earlier today!

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According to, Brooke’s lawyer got a temporary restraining order against Charlie prohibiting him from going near her. The judge also ordered Charlie to surrender their twin boys Bob and Max to Brooke while the TRO remains in effect. Police removed the twins from Charlie’s house late Tuesday.

According to legal documents, Brooke also claims on February 23 Charlie threw a phone inside his house and then with a penknife in hand, threatened to stick it in Brooke’s eye. (Oh wouldn’t that be the same day, he was supposingly flying off to the tropics with both his goddesses and his ex?) Then we came to find out Brooke was somehow ditched. The story sounds about right.

Brooke’s lawyer confessed to the court that Brooke is currently in a “day treatment” facility for substance abuse. She says she will see the kids for around 4 hours a day while the TRO is in effect and her mom will provide care for the rest of the day.

Charlie’s team is furious that the order was issued and plans to go to court tomorrow in an attempt to undo it, that’s what sources are telling TMZ.

Charlie tweeted Tuesday night, “My sons are fine … My path is now clear …. Defeat is not an option!”

I say Brooke stay away from Charlie. I feel so sorry for the twins. I think they are much better off staying with grannie.

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