Kim Kardashian said she always wanted to be a crime scene investigator. So much for modeling, appearances and the party scene around the US and the globe! Why party and make millions when you can be a civil servant and make next to nothing!


Kim said she wanted be be a scientist while she was making comments on the Casey Anthony case going on in Florida.

Speaking to Self magazine, the Kourtney & Kim Take New York star admitted: “If I didn’t do what I do then I would be a crime scene investigator or if not a make up artist.”

The former Playboy model added: “I find all that crime scene thing fascinating. Or maybe I could be a make up artist for crime scene investigators!”

Would Kim be able to focus on the scene or would she distract the other people working around her? When her reality TV career ends, maybe she can go back to school and be a CSI after all.

Photos via WENN

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