Penelope Cruz doesn’t like her brother’s girlfriend, who happens to be Eva Longoria. It seems Penelope has a few unkind things that she thinks of when she is mentioning Eva. Does Penelope’s brother Eduardo care? Maybe. But not enough to dump Eva yet.


Eva and Eduardo have only been seeing each other for a few weeks, but she isn’t popular with his family already.

Penelope believes Eva is nothing more than a fame-hungry, bad B-list actress who is using Eduardo in an effort to further her career… Penelope doesn’t understand why Eduardo is settling for a woman nearly 10 years older – especially one who failed so spectacularly at her last relationship. She thinks Eduardo can do much better than Eva. She’s always reminding him that he’s young, gorgeous and successful and that he could have his pick of women,” said the source.

Ooooh, I didn’t know about the ten year age difference, did you? Maybe Penelope does have a point. But should she just butt out for now?

Photos via WENN 

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