Are Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn falling madly in love? Probably not, but a close friend of Scarlett‘s says she is after a 3-day vacation to Mexico with the actor.

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Shortly after their “lunch date” the two jetted off to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and now she’s tangled up in his “great mind” and “depth.”

“She thinks Sean is amazing. Sure, he’s an incredible actor, but there’s depth. He’s an amazing human being who cares about politics and the world. If she didn’t have to return to work she would still be with him…She doesn’t care about the age difference. He’s exactly the kind of guy she wants,” the friend tells me. “She talks to him every day and can’t wait until she has a break in film so she can run away with him.”

Uh oh – this probably isn’t going to end well for Scarlett

Photos: WENN

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